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4.0 out of 5 stars Go Granny, Go!, July 4, 2013
By Ima
This review is from: FREE AS A LADYBIRD (Kindle Edition) by Grace Jolliffe
"My Granny used to be normal." As soon as I read those opening words of "Free As A Ladybird" I knew that this was my kind of book! This charming story, told from the standpoint of a young girl named Natasha, centers on a cantankerous Granny who refuses to behave the way that she is expected to, despite the protests of her daughter, Natasha's mom. Though they love each other the two women have certainly had their differences, fueled mostly by Granny's need for independence and her misguided but well-meaning daughter's need to protect her. But when old Granny starts sporting purple clothing and hanging out at the pub with her dart playing friends the "Flaming Arrows", the fur really starts to fly! Fed up and determined to get on with her life instead of reliving the past, Granny runs away and sets out on a grand adventure that leads her to her true home. "Free As A Ladybird" is a sweet, funny story penned by a talented writer. Just read it; I'm sure you will agree.

4.0 out of 5 stars Ahoy Maties!, July 17, 2013
By Ima Bratt
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Ahoy Maties! Little pirates will love this series by Carole P. Roman. Filled with fun characters and colorful illustrations, these books are sure to bring out the playful side in kids and adults alike! My favorite thing about Carole's whimsical stories is that they encourage kids to use their imagination. Remember when there were no special toys or props needed to experience the magic of being a child? When a plain every-day bed could become a pirate-ship on the high-seas? Carole does. So be brushin' up on your pirate lingo land-lubbers and dive on in!

#1- Captain No Beard- An Imaginary Tale Of A Pirate's Life- Winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Meet Captain No Beard and his crew; First-Mate (and cousin) Hallie, Mongo the mast climbing monkey, Linus the loud-mouthed lion and Fribbet the floppy frog as they set sail on their pirate-ship the "Flying Dragon". My personal favorite, filled with imagination, adventure, pirate-speak and cookies! No moral here, just pure fun!

#2- Pepper Parrot's Problem With Patience

Sometimes it's hard to be the "new hand on deck", especially if you feel like you are different from everyone else. But before long the crew of the "Flying Dragon" help their new friend Pepper to see that, with some work and a little patience, we can all learn how to live up to our true potential.

#3- Stuck In The Doldrums- A Lesson In Sharing

Even the best of friends (and crew-mates) have trouble getting along sometimes, but in the end they always find a way to come back together- especially if they're fighting a common enemy like a giant squid!