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My Interview with Tween blogger Erik from the "This Kid Reviews Books" Blog:

Posted by Ima Bratt on October 27, 2013 at 12:50 AM

TTWE Post: 10/23/13


In the past few months I have had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of (and having my book reviewed by) two bright and talented young men who, in addition to being voracious "tween" readers, write their own creative blogs. Both have graciously agreed to be interviewed especially for my "Tween The Weekend's" posts. I am listing these interviews in the order in which I met my new friends; Olly's will appear in September and Erik's in October. Again, many thanks to both of them for providing valuable insights for all writers in this genre. Happy reading boys! :)


My Interview with Tween blogger Erik from the “This Kid Reviews Books” Blog:

How old are you?


I am 11 and ¾ years old.


What inspired you to start your blog?


I got the idea writing reviews when my grandmom told me she was shopping for a book for me and

didn’t know what to buy and a kid in the store told her to get me “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda”.

He said it was a good book and that I would like it, so she bought it. Well, it is a good book and I did like

it. I thought that if my grandmom would take the advice of a kid maybe I could help other kids

and grown-ups looking for books for kids, find books they like. At first, I wanted to write for a

newspaper, but my Dad said that I should do a blog because a blog can be seen by anyone around the

world and that maybe a newspaper wouldn’t hire a kid. So, I started a blog. The funny thing is, is that I

do write for a newspaper now too. I have a monthly book column in the Upper Bucks Free Press! I met

the content editor at a book event I was at and she liked how I interviewed the author and asked me to

write for the paper.


What do you look for in the books you choose to read?


I look for an interesting plot. It really doesn’t matter what the subject matter is. I like to read all kinds of

stories, but something has to hook me. I really like to read about characters that aren’t perfect but get

better or overcome something as the book goes on. I like it when the characters are believable. I like to

read books that are good for my age (not too much violence or bad language).


What is your favorite book and/or author?


My favorite book is Redwall by Brian Jacques. It is written so well. I love the characters in it. The setting

is great too. Redwall is my favorite series. I have a ton of authors that I can’t wait to read books from

them when they come out. Rick Riordan, Jude Watson, Roland Smith, Brandon Mull, Matt Myklusch,

Tom Angleberger, Michael Buckley, Nick Bruel, Gordan Korman, Patrick Carman, Cornelia Funke (I could

go on and on). There are also some indie authors that I wait for books to come out, Michelle Isenhoff

(awesome historical fiction and adventure stories), Elise Stokes (Cassidy Jones’ adventures ROCK),

Timothy Davis (great adventure books), DM Andrews (I could go keep on going here too).


Do you prefer to read digital or paper books?


I prefer real books much more than digital, but I do read about 25% of the books I read on my Kindle. I

like my Kindle for when we go on vacation or long car rides. It’s cool I can take 300 books with me in one

little package. I like holding a real book more though. If I had to choose, I would pick a real book.


How many books have you read so far?


I have no idea. I know this past summer I read 106 books in 3 months. During the school year I average

about 25-30 middle grade books a month (that doesn’t count comic books or picture books that I read).

I have started to keep a list of all the books I read. I have it as a page on my blog. I read a lot more books

than I review. I am told I read pretty fast. Last year I demolished my school’s Accelerated Reader (AR)

record. AR is a program where you read a book, take a test on it and get points for it. The goal for a fifth

grader is 50 points for the year. The old school record was 945 points. I got 1503.9 points last year. I plan

to beat that this year.


Do you plan on making a career of your writing one day?


I would like to keep writing. Someday I hope to write books that a lot of people want to read or maybe

write reports for a newspaper. I really want to be an inventor too. I like thinking up new things and

trying to solve problems.


Do you have any words of wisdom for authors who write for Tween's/Middle Grader's?


Kids like to read! We like to read a lot of different things too. What I would like to see is some middle

grade books written for more advanced readers, but appropriate for my age range. Most of all, keep

writing! I’ll keep reading!

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Reply Michelle Isenhoff
9:13 AM on October 31, 2013 
Ah, ha! I figured out how to comment! I've been finding your TTW post through the Tween the Weekends link in your menu at the top of your blog. It sends me to the post, but without a comment option. I just tried the Blah, Blah, Blog link up top and VIOLA! I found the comments feature! Now let's see if I remember that next TTW, lol!

Hope your mom is feeling better.