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My Interview with Tween Blogger Olly from "The Olly Book Blog":

Posted by Ima Bratt on October 27, 2013 at 12:50 AM


TTWE Post: 9/25/13


In the past few months I have had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of (and having my book reviewed by) two bright and talented young men who, in addition to being voracious "tween" readers, write their own creative blogs. Both have graciously agreed to be interviewed especially for my "Tween The Weekend's" posts. I am listing these interviews in the order in which I met my new friends; Olly's will appear in September and Erik's in October. Again, many thanks to both of them for providing valuable insights for all writers in this genre. Happy reading boys! :)

My Interview with Tween Blogger Olly from "The Olly Book Blog":


How old are you?


I turned 13 earlier this month on the 17th so I'm now technically a teenager but I still feel like a pre-teen!


What inspired you to start your blog?


My Mum (who has a book addiction) inspired me to write my blog, I love reading and computers so blogging about books is a perfect combination between the two!


What do you look for in the books you choose to read?


I look for books that are alike ones I have already read and enjoyed, but a different type of book is never a bad thing. I just scan all of the shelves in a bookshop that interest me and pick up anything that looks interesting. I then read the blurb and sometimes the first chapter to decide if that book is one I'd like to read. If I get sent a book from an author or publisher then I will read it whatever it is because the person sending the book thinks I can review the book for my blog, and I will make it mine duty to do thy deed!


What is your favorite book and/or author?


What’s my favorite book? Wow that is a hard question! I've read the Harry Potter Series 14 times, So I've certainly read that series the most. however I also really enjoy books like the Hunger games and The Cherub series. I don't have a favorite book as such, but I do have a favorite group.

Do you prefer to read digital or paper books?


You can't beat a paper book but on holiday my kindle was invaluable as I quickly consumed 6 books in one week! I'd say that when available, get a real book, but if its cheap enough, and you are desperate to read it, Get the e-book version.


How many books have you read so far?


I never started counting, but Last year I read about 100. So maybe if I read 100 a year fro the age of 7 I'd have read around 700. But It's probably more...


Do you plan on making a career of your writing one day?


I really don't know what I'd like to do for a career yet, but yes writing is definitely a possibility.


Do you have any words of wisdom for authors who write for Tween's/Middle Grader's?


Always make the story interesting, all the way through. a funny story is always good but don't make it to comical. Create heroes that no-one has seen before. The unheroic 'nerdy' shy and bullied young boy or girl character is now in more books than an average hero with a cape. So make a new kind of hero, that's actually a new kind of hero.


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